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04 Feb 2020


Altuity Solutions Ltd Stand: 4/M169

AltoSUE combines cloud based software; on site mobile software and optional passive RFiD technology. Your underground asset data is managed on maps and/or integrated site plans.

Using this technology allows you to capture information about an underground asset (location, depth, type etc.) including photographs. You can optionally tag the asset with a passive RFiD for increased relocating accuracy. 

This information is then available in the office (e.g. for pre-work planning purposes) and on site 24x7. On site view the previously collected data on a mobile device - virtually opening up the ground beneath your feet.

Use AltoSUE to:

  • Have an accurate record of the location of your buried infrastructure in a single system
  • Improve Health and Safety
  • Protect underground assets and buried services from accidental damage
  • Quickly relocate underground assets saving time and costs


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