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Authorising Engineer HTM08-02

ILECS Lift and Escalator Consultants Stand: 4/K131

The ILECS team are suitably qualified, experienced and trained to undertake the Authorising Engineer role and we currently work with a range of clients. We assess the competence of the ‘Competent Person’ (lifts) and the ‘Authorised Person’ (lifts), carry out an annual audit assessing the organisation’s management system and submit recommendations to the client.

As part of the role we will discuss with the maintenance contractor any recommendations provided within the maintenance audit reports, and ensure that an action plan is devised to rectify any necessary remedial work.

Should there be an incident on site, we will provide advice, support and report accordingly when requested by the appointed person.

This service is available to clients throughout the UK and can be combined with our OneVision service and maintenance audit provision.


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