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28 Jul 2021

DLPK6780 CombiVolt 1 Voltage Indicator Proving Unit Kit

Di-log Stand: 4/K134

The DLPK6780 kits compact, lightweight and ergonomic design will encourage the user to carry it on their person ready to conduct the correct safe isolation procedure as outlined and in accordance with the “Electricity at Works Regulations 1989”. 

With our award winning CombiVolt series of voltage indicators being fully compliant to GS38 and BS 61243-3:2014, the Di-LOG DLPK67xx series kits offer fantastic safety, quality and value.

DLPK6780 Contents:

  • 1 x DL6780 CombiVolt 1 Voltage Indicator
  • 1 x PU690 690V Proving Unit
  • 1 x CCDLPK Carry Pouch

The new PU690 voltage indicator proving unit from Di-LOG Test Equipment enables you to simply and effectively prove voltage operation of your 2-pole voltage indicator, confirming that the instrument is fully functioning before and after verification.

The PU690 has been developed with safety in mind, along with size, reliability and a CAT II rating of 750V.  The device ergonomically formed housing has been designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand whilst providing clearly identifiable inputs to safely prove your voltage indicator.

PU690 Key Features:

  • 690V AC Output
  • High/Low Impedance
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • CAT II 750 Safety Rating

The Di-log DL6780 CombiVolt 1 Voltage & Continuity Tester with Phase Rotation test is the bench mark for voltage indicators. The three-in-one tester with a rugged, ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling is fully conformant to BS EN 64213-3:2014. The DL6780 also offers Single Phase Detection

DL6780 Key Features:

  • 12-690V AC/DC Voltage
  • Single Pole Voltage Indication
  • Voltage Indication even without batteries fitted
  • Fully conformant to BS 61243-3:2014
  • Audible Comntinuity
  • Phase Rotation
  • GS38 Compliant
  • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
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