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29 Jul 2021

P50 Fire Extinguishers

Eastern Extinguishers Stand: 4/L130

Built with marine grade anti-corrosive components and wrapped in a Kevlar Aramid weave, our P50 fire extinguishers are remarkably strong but also incredibly light. The P50 fire extinguishers have a UV protective casing and are an environmentally friendly product.

The foam P50 fire extinguisher is certified for use on both Class A and Class B fires. They have also been dielectrically tested for safe use on electrical equipment up to 1kV from a minimum distance of 1m making them far superior to any other foam unit on the market.

Additionally, the powder P50 fire extinguisher provides excellent all-round firefighting capabilities with the ability to tackle Class A, B and C type fires as well as fires involving electrical equipment. They are suitable for use outdoors or in high risk areas such as car parks, plant rooms and fuel stores. They are also rated to be used on electrical fires.

Moreover, the F Class P50 fire extinguisher has a wet chemical formulation making it suitable for use on class F fires involving cooking fat fires, making it ideal for commercial and industrial kitchen applications. The extinguisher medium forms a seal on the surface, preventing re-ignition.

Our P50 fire extinguishers are durable, safe and effective. This makes our P50's the perfect choice for your business safety needs, no matter the sector.


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