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AJ Products | Life at Work | Active Breaks

AJ Products Stand: 4/L150

It's important to take active breaks at work. A job that requires heavy lifting or where you have to stand and walk around often leads to sore legs and back pain.

Doing stretching exercises will keep your blood circulating well and relax your muscles. It is well known that movement and exercise increase creativity as well as happiness and your ability to learn.

Here are a few simple exercises:

Exercise 1

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.
  2. Clasp your hands above your head.
  3. Tilt your upper body sideways in a straight movement 

Exercise 2

  1. Put your hands on your shoulders.
  2. "Roll" your elbows, first forward and then backwards.

Exercise 3

  1. Pull one arm back as you can, at the same time push the other one forward.
  2. Change side and repeat a few times.
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