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22 Feb 2021

Waste to Wonder Launches New Goal “Challenge 100”

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After a record year for the ethical clearance company, Waste to Wonder has launched a new ambitious goal for 2021, to be known as Challenge 100, with the aim of sending 100 x 40ft shipping containers to global charities. The contents of these containers will have a value over £2.5 million of reusable furniture and equipment.

During 2020, Waste to Wonder was able to redistribute 47 x 40ft shipping containers filled with over £1.25 million worth of donated furniture and equipment through its international School in a Box programme. This is from achieving an average 90% reuse rate from all the ethical clearance projects they undertake.

Michael Amos, Director of Waste to Wonder, said “We’ve set Challenge 100 to push ourselves even further and build on the results of 2020. By diverting reusable redundant furniture that would otherwise end up in either landfill or simply be recycled, we have supported over 800 schools in 19 countries around the world.

“If we achieve our goal, Challenge 100 would see over double the amount of shipping containers donated to numerous global charities this year. The beneficial impact of this success, both on the communities in need and on the environment, will be substantial.”

By donating to variety of causes – from vocational training centers to local schools – invaluable items such as desks and chairs have enjoyed a second chance enhancing the lives of young people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

Daniel Hristea, from FAST Romania, said “We are very excited to hear about Challenge 100 as we have proudly worked with Waste to Wonder for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve fully equipped schools which previously had old, broken or dangerous equipment. We’ve also recently been able to set up a social enterprise to train our young people so that they can get a job and provide for themselves.

“The pandemic has been hard for us as we haven’t had any volunteers. However, through the support from Waste to Wonder and their customers we have been able to keep going through the pandemic. We have relied on their shipments to repurpose the equipment to survive as a charity and continue training people to be able to provide for their families. Through learning woodwork and joinery, we see tabletops repurposed as wall panels, roofing or even foundations to fix people’s homes. We are excited to see how their Challenge unfolds and seeing what other good it can achieve.”

Through Waste to Wonder’s ethical clearance process, large businesses regularly save tens of thousands in disposal or recycling costs, as well as actively demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility. As part of the Waste to Wonder service, they receive a project report detailing the legacy and positive impact they’ve made. If you have a clearance project you’d like to discuss, from 10 to 10,000 workstations, please visit to get in touch.

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