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  • In this video introduction, we will show you how Locatee Analytics can be used to identify space optimisation and consolidation potential. 

  • A effective solution to help bring your team back to the office by surfacing crucial occupancy data. With no hardware or onsite installation required, it can be set up safely & is designed to scale.

  • Take the guesswork out of Corporate real estate management with Locatee. It's time for Corporate real estate managers to board on the digitalisation train before they get disrupted. 

  • Uncover workplace insights with Locatee. In this video, we will show you how Locatee Analytics can be used to decide on footprint reduction of an existing building.


  • One Housing needed to replace outdated emergency lighting in high-rise blocks with a Self-Testing system offering emergency lighting compliance and reducing the burden on the maintenance team.

  • COVID-19 has changed our world, how we live our lives and how we work. All kinds of businesses around the globe must adapt and develop a new normal, to make workplaces COVID-19 secure.

  • Our property solutions include facilities management and engineering information management software designed to make the construction and management of complex facilities easier for everyone.

  • P50 extinguisher annual inspection

    10 Mar 2020 Jonathan Glover

    P50 Annual Inspection

    The P50 not only delivers market leading fire protection, it requires no service contract. The video demonstrates the quick and easy P50 annual inspection.

  • Beautiful Recycling Designed for the Workplace

    10 Mar 2020 Method Recycling
    We believe that better workplace habits create a better world. Every day we’re empowering people to become changemakers, and enhancing the corporate social responsibility of the world’s most influenti ...
  • Recycling is complicated, and we’re here to help! After 5 years, we’ve learnt a lot about the complex nature of workplace recycling. We’ve realised it takes a system mindset; creating a consistent,  r ...

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