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    28 Aug 2021 Rob Searle
  • As part of its relocation project,  Pickfords planned and executed the recycling of unwanted furniture, IT equipment and catering equipment to ensure NATO achieved its sustainability objectives
  • In a six month project, Pickfords project manages the relocation of Papworth Hospital to its new campus.
  • Pickfords moves NATO Headquarters

    23 Aug 2021 Pickfords
    Pickfords Business Solutions completes a once in a generation project by moving NATO's international headquarters to a new buidling in Brussels.
  • When we’re together in the same place, amazing things happen: collaboration, creativity, innovation. 

  • Join us as we go deeper into our intelligent maintenance management platform and look at 5 apps that can help you gain full control over your operation!

  • Welcome to a world of data, intelligence and automation. 

  • Meet Infraspeak Gear™ - the unique, intelligent core at the very centre of our intelligent maintenance management platform.

  • What is Expensemate

    02 Aug 2021 Conner Toy
    Introducing hassle-business expenses. Mastercards® connected to expense management software to control, automate, and standardise business purchases.
  • AXA Stockton Ethical Clearance

    30 Jul 2021 Michael Amos
  • Meet PGH Beegone Pest Management and Live Bee removal Specialists - We are passionate about solving difficult pest problems and saving bees
  • EW Magazine Best Safety Brand 2021

    28 Jul 2021 David Sweetman

    The entire team at Di-LOG Test Equipment were very honoured to have been presented the Electrical Wholesale Award for Best Safety & Security Brand for the second year running. 

  • With the HX Desk Monitor Arm, you can easily reposition large monitors weighing up to 19.1 kg using patented Constant Force™ Technology.

  • This sit-stand desktop converter offers easy, crank-free height adjustment and holds up all office essentials on a large worksurface.

  • Watch this short introductory video to discover how visualisation makes it easy for you to gain insights into your FM asset, maintenance and compliance data.

  • Meet Merton Group UK Ltd

    20 Jul 2021 MGUK

    Meet Merton Group UK Ltd

  • It's important to take active breaks at work. Here are a few simple exercises.

  • Our top 5 suggestions for how to improve your workspace to encourage movement and exercise.

  • AJ Products helps you choose the right desk for your needs.

  • We put our outdoor furniture to the test to find out how well it stands up to the most extreme weather conditions.

  • AJ's customer service team is always here to answer any questions.

  • Our reporter asks AJ some of the most common customer questions.

  • Metador Projects

    15 Jul 2021 Jennifer Tucker
    We have supplied doors to many different projects across the UK. From education facilities to plant rooms, warehouses to cinemas, sports halls to restaurants, offices to residential, parliament to ret ...
  • Each team carry at least 6 various types and sizes of ladders, gutter vacuums, generators, 100’s of gutter/down pipe spares and all the supplies and equipment needed to complete the job.

  • A blended-learning training course for suitably experienced persons being considered for the duties of authorised person (high voltage electrical) or senior authorised person (high voltage electrical) ...
  • The Biojet

    07 Jul 2021 CPA Engineered Solutions

    Air Sterilisation re-imagined.

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